Thursday, January 19, 2012

adoption dreams.

So, I'm usually one of those people who can't remember dreams unless they're really vivid, and I don't think I have a ton of vivid dreams. Before my wedding, I think I only had one or two "pre-wedding" dreams, and they weren't that memorable. I'm also not someone who reads too much into dreams, because I feel like most of the time people end up saying, "Oh yeah, that means you're stressed."

Anyway, I just wanted to document the 3 adoption dreams I've had so far because I just think they're funny!

Adoption Dream #1
Doug & I travel to Ethiopia to pick up 3 orphans. But they're not for our adoption - we are bringing them home for others who are adopting. Apparently we're meeting these couples at my parents' house, because that's where we take the 3 kiddos. And then halfway into the dream... they turn into 3 Ethiopian puppies. And I remember in my dream distinctly thinking, "These puppies are very well trained."

Adoption Dream #2
Doug & I are adopting domestically. We meet a rather bulky 19-year old girl who has a baby, and for some reason, I got it in my mind that we were adopting the 19-year old. I kept getting frustrated that she was essentially an adult, and finally asked Doug, "Why aren't we adopting her baby instead of her?!" He looked at me in confusion and said, "We are. She's the birth mom."

Adoption Dream #3 - last night
Doug & I adopted two little white boys - one toddler and one infant. The infant was the size of a doll I used to have. Both of them had blond hair. Our friends Dave and Sara were visiting, and I remember commenting on the kids' blond hair and then saying to everyone, "Ha! It looks like we're just babysitting for Sara and Dave!"

Ah, the subconscious... a bizarre thing.


  1. Oh, if only kids came "well-trained"!!! Heehee!

    1. Seriously... and I don't have any yet...

  2. hopefully you are free babysitters for us some day :)

    1. absolutely! ... as long as you return the favor ;)