Tuesday, May 15, 2012

state police & ethiopian cuisine

1. We got our MI State Police clearance letters in the mail today! That is the last document, aside from our "fingerprinting approval" (technical form is I-171h), is the last document we've been waiting for. Friends... after our fingerprinting on Tuesday, our dossier will be - fingers crossed - COMPLETE!

... Then we just have to send it all over the place and essentially get everything re-approved. Ugh.


2. Doug & I finally went to the local Ethiopian restaurant - Addis Ababa. For those who don't know, Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia, and it means "new flower". Isn't that lovely?! Here are some pictures from our evening.
Walking up:
We were given the option of sitting at a booth or a "basket". We chose the basket.
This is a really convenient dining style - 
You take the basket top off and place the platter of food on top of the basket, 
then after dinner, you just pull up the corners of the cloth, and voila! Your "table" is cleared!
Injera, topped with a variety of meat and veggies. 
Note to anyone who's had injera - they did not make this with teff, so the texture was the same, but it lacked that ... charming vinegar taste. 
 Digging in! So, so good.
 Ethiopian tea! I've never tried this before and it was AMAZING. 
Sweet & spicy & delicious!! 
(Sara, I asked if they had macchiatos, and sadly, they didn't...)

And, I think for my next post, I'll steal my friend Sara's idea - posting some pictures from our trip to Ethiopia so anyone who reads this blog can see some pictures of the country love.

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  1. Sorry they didn't have macchiatos! I can't wait to try the tea. We'll have to go when I come home.