Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adoption Story, Pt. 6: Fortune Cookies

On Sunday, April 15, I was sitting in my friend Patti's classroom, taking a break from hours of painting set for Beauty & the Beast. We had ordered Chinese food for dinner and were in the process of reading our fortune cookies. I opened mine and read, "An unexpected event will soon make your life more exciting." I laughed, feigned terror and said, "Please not this week!" because that was the week of our dress rehearsals and performance - i.e. insanely chaotic.

Disclaimer: I do not believe that fortune cookies are prophetic.
However, I do believe in irony, and this is one of the more ironic moments in my life.

Because the very next day, April 16th, an "unexpected event" changed my life forever.
That day, Doug and I got a call from our caseworker at YWAM, telling us that since we were getting to the point where we'd be ready for a referral, she wanted us to take a look at the waiting children page.

We opened the webpage, and I started crying...
because we were looking into the eyes of our future son.


  1. this whole process has made me so emotional! can't imagine being the momma!

  2. oh man! i get emotional just reading this.