Tuesday, June 12, 2012

moving forward...

A few people have asked for an explanation of our timeline moving forward. 
Here's what we know at this point (along with some pictures from our 2009 trip to Ethiopia).
We will be flying to Ethiopia the week of June 25th. Doug is buying tickets TODAY.
We will meet B on Thursday, June 28.
We go to court on Friday, June 29.
After passing court (much prayer appreciated!!!), B will officially be our son.
We'll come back home to the USA probably the day after court.
B will, sadly, not be coming with us.
After passing court, we will await our embassy date, at which point we will fly BACK to Ethiopia.
We really have no clue how long this will take. It could be 6 weeks, it could be 6 months.
(You can all be praying for 6 weeks!!)
It is after this trip to Ethiopia for Embassy that we will bring B home.
Can't be soon enough.
Hope this helps answer some questions for everyone!
Please feel free to ask anything. 

And as always - please continue praying for us & for B & for all the details.
We are so appreciative of all the support and love we've been shown!
Thank you!!


  1. Wahhhoooo!!!! That is seriously so soon. Thank you, God! -Deb

  2. Will be praying that week especially--and for 6 weeks! He's gonna melt your heart even more than he already has :)