Tuesday, July 3, 2012

back home

Just a brief update to say that we're home from our first trip to Ethiopia.

Court was much easier than we anticipated - we are "approved", but not yet official. They're waiting on a letter from the Ministry of Women's Affairs (they're in charge of all adoptions in Ethiopia), and anticipate that everything should be official any day!

Unfortunately for everyone waiting on pictures, that means we still can't post anything.

Meeting our little bean was the most amazing thing we've ever experienced...
Will try to compose myself to give more details when we can post pictures.

Prayer requests:
- That our MOWA letter would speed along so we can officially be B's parents.
- That our embassy date would then speed along so we can bring him home for good!!

EDIT: Part 1 of our trip detailed here.


  1. welcome back!! you guys were on my mind so much last week! i can't wait to read more about your trip, and hopefully soon see pics of your little B!

  2. Welcome home Partons! Can't imagine the jumble of thoughts and emotions in your minds and hearts. May God's peace that passes all understanding be up on you!!
    -Cousin Beth

  3. Glad you're home safe! I'm praying for the last few details. So anxious to read more about your trip and when you first met your beautiful son. Love you all so much. --Deb

  4. Still praying... don't know why God didn't answer my prayers that you bring him home in one trip... So praying for a short interlude now.