Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adoption Story, Pt. 3: A Decision

In June, Doug and I attended Student Life Camp in Alabama with our youth group. David Platt was the speaker (and if you've read my blog for any amount of time, you've probably gathered that I hold Platt in pretty high esteem) - and he shared with us about the adoption journeys he and his wife have gone through, including the news that they had just been matched with a little girl in China that very week! The evening of June 29th, Platt taught on Mark 11:15-19, pointing out three things that evoke the anger of God: 1. When we become casual with the glory of God, 2. When we grow complacent about the holiness of God, and 3. When we ignore the purpose of God - the purpose of God being that all nations will proclaim His name. Throughout this message and the time of prayer afterward, I began feeling completely broken and humbled, and I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me, whispering trust and obey.

After the session ended, Doug and I talked and made the decision that for our 4-year anniversary the following week, we would submit an application for adoption. We addressed all the doubts I had been having and realized that all we need to do is follow that whisper I heard: trust and obey. If we are seeking to glorify God through our marriage and our lives, then He will guide us in the right direction. We still had and continue to have doubts and fears, but we are trusting that God is writing this story.

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