Thursday, August 2, 2012


Understandably, the most common question I receive these days is: 
When do you get to bring Bo home?

My typical answer: 
I don't know. We've heard that the "average" wait time after passing court is 6-8 weeks.
That's probably best case scenario. We are trying not to get our hopes up too high.

That being said, we were submitted to Embassy a few days ago.
That means they begin the process of "orphan status verification" - making sure that Bo is truly an orphan. The individual who found Bonsa has to be interviewed, the police contacted by this individual have to be interviewed, documents have to be reviewed... etc. etc. etc.
And honestly - we are glad that the process is thorough.

Yes, the wait is hard. Yes, I look at his picture several times throughout the day.
But no, I'm not spending my days sad or angry.
Through your prayers & ours, God has granted us an abundance of patience.
We're enjoying time together and savoring this last "baby-moon" phase.
I'm slowly putting together things that I want to pack for our trip. (Wait til you see his Embassy outfit.)
And making sure the nursery is ready. (All we really need to be baby-functional is a car seat!)
So we spend our days in eager anticipation.

Because at the end of the day, we know Who is writing the story.
...and yeah, we're pretty excited to get this kid in some boy clothes.


  1. He is so adorable!! Praying he can come home soon.

  2. praying for you and him right now. God is in control.