Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adoption Story, Pt. 5: it's all about the baby, benjamins.

(Anyone get the reference? See what I did there?)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the biggest hesitations that Doug & I had in jumping into the adoption process was the staggering cost.

I don't like to talk about money. But in order to share a more complete picture of the ways God is directing this show, it needs to be mentioned. On average, an adoption from Ethiopia ranges from $25,000 - $30,000.

In 2010, Doug and I bought our first home. We made the decision to adopt in 2011. We had very little money saved toward this adoption. Yet, we kept hearing trust and obey. So we jumped.

And we got the incredible experience of watching God provide in a variety of ways.

First, a position opened up at my school for the website administrator, and I was offered the position.

Then, people decided they wanted to buy these ridiculous little dresses I made.

And then God started using the generosity of our family and friends, and I cannot express fully how overwhelmed with gratitude we continue to be. One of my best friends - unbeknownst to me - did bake sales and sold jewelry and gave us the proceeds from that. TONS of friends and family and even strangers donated to our adoption auction. One of my former students gave us the tithe from her graduation party. People donated to our adoption account (I even had someone apologize for "only" giving $25, which made me cry, because every single penny helps us get to our little boy). We have never felt so fully surrounded and supported by the body of Christ.

Then Doug got an entirely unexpected bonus at work.

And suddenly, here we are, all fees to our agency paid.

The only remaining cost is our airfare for 2 trips to Ethiopia. Which is still daunting, but we know that God will continue to provide!

Friends, family, and brothers & sisters in Christ - Thank you for helping us understand that adoption is so much bigger than just the three of us. Thank you for helping us see God's provision in entirely new ways. THANK YOU for being a part of our story.

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  1. this is incredible, Rachel. I am so thrilled for you guys. blessings on the continued journey and Praise God for his provision!